You have good, well trained staff who seem to love what they are doing and care for the children
Friendly, happy environment geared to learning through play.
My son always seems to have done a great variety of activities during the day. I think the inclusion of PE is great, especially the dressing and undressing and listening to instructions.
I think the opportunities for parents to get involved are a good idea, the leavers party was a lovely event which parents and children enjoyed. I feel it is good for children to see parents in the nursery environment and join in with what the children are doing.
I like the seasonal menus and am impressed by the wide variety of healthy food the children receive.
I like the fact that the staff are consistent, there isn’t a constant changing of staff so my daughter is able to build up relationships with the staff which makes her happy to go to nursery in the morning.
My daughter has enjoyed showing us new skills she has learnt at nursery.
I recommend you all the time. I think you should feel proud of the nursery and it’s staff.
On our first visit to Daisychain we were made to feel very welcome and have been ever since, we have been coming for four years.