Our Units

Snowdrops 3 months – 2 years

Our dedicated baby team will nurture and care for your precious bundles within a comfortable, safe and secure, home from home welcoming environment encouraging every opportunity to develop, explore and experiment with a variety of different activities, resources and equipment.

Our Snowdrop unit has a large floor area for easy movement and accessibility to a wide range of resources, an area for messy play which leads out to a private garden balcony, it also has a designated sensory room, a warm, snuggly sleep room and a separate nappy changing room.

We like nothing more than to explore our local countryside, we have a 6-seater, all weather pushchair, even our youngest baby can be included in the experience in the additional specialist seat.

We understand that your routines are very important to you and your baby and pride ourselves on the continuation of these at nursery ensuring their comfort and familiarity.

We will be accepting the funding for children aged from nine months starting from September 2024.

Bluebells 2 – 3 years

As your little one develops they will begin to show a greater competence for communication, exploration and independence.  We provide a broad range of exciting experiences to develop children’s learning and their natural curiosity.

Our large Bluebell unit has dedicated areas for exploration, discovery, messy play and quiet times. Out in their garden the creativity continues in the imagination station set up in summerhouse along with sand and natural resource play and the water and music walls.

We also like to take the opportunity to explore the countryside where the children can experience the sights and sounds of the local environment, visit the farm, jump in muddy puddles, run through the fields and collect seasonal natural resources.

This is a crucial age for all children, potty training, self-care and self-awareness are all challenges that they face. Whatever the request or challenge, you can be assured that our practitioners will aid your child in the best way they can.


We accept the 2 year old funding.


We work as a dedicated team to implement a rich learning environment where each child is encouraged to achieve their full potential to become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

We pride ourselves on the large open spaced unit which we have developed to complement the transitioning in to school.  Among our many areas we are fortunate to have a large art room, a sensory den, an elevated book area and a purpose-built role play house.

Out in the garden the children help to grow vegetables and herbs which are used by our nursery cook in our daily meals.  They enjoy bikes, scooters and other vehicles round a track with working traffic lights, they go on holidays in the role play caravan, they build dens and construct with large scale materials.

We promote weekly P.E. sessions where children take part in a variety different physical activities after changing into their shorts, tee-shirt and daps; we take this as an opportunity to encourage their independence in preparation for school.

Once a month the Buttercup children have the opportunity to join in with a Yoga session.

We offer the 30 hours funding.