Our Units

Baby Unit

At Daisychain, we are passionate about providing children with the best start in life. Our baby department facilitates this, encouraging every opportunity to develop, explore and experiment with a range of different activities.

The baby room comprises of a large open floor area which is partitioned into loosely structured development areas. Practitioners promote the free choice of a variety of toys which are all accessible from various shelving systems across the room.

Children are able to access small world toys, construction equipment and small animal toys, to encourage the exploration of the real world. Bridging the gap between home and play, a designated role play area allows all children to take part in daily tasks using their ‘functional’ washing machine, sink and oven. This allows children to re-enact events they witness at home and effectively communicate roles to each other.

Exploring outwards from the carpet area, the babies also have free flow access to their own private decked balcony area. Equipped with a sand pit, building blocks and a shaded area, we ensure children develop their confidence within a safe yet active area.

While encouraging independent thought, the planned sessional activities cater to the individual interests and skills of each child and practitioners adapt sessions accordingly.

To discover the natural surroundings of the setting, the babies are taken on outdoor walks in ‘6 seater buggy’ to explore the natural country side. Through this the children are able to experience and explore wild plants, animals and the setup of the surrounding village. All outdoor walks are risk assessed and staff ratios are strictly adhered to.

It’s important for us to provide your little one with a home from home and practitioners do everything in their power to make the transition as effortless as possible. We adhere to your routines and wishes. Sleeping and dietary requirements are tailor made to each individual child and we pride ourselves on promoting routines, comfort and familiarity.

Toddler Unit

As your baby develops into this age range, they begin to show a greater competence for communication, exploring and fun in play. With this increased enthusiasm, our aim in the toddler unit is to develop the social skills, confidence and self-help skills of every individual child. We achieve this through fun and lively play, providing activities that challenge children to reach these new heights.

Our large and vibrant toddler department includes dedicated areas for the children to explore and discover. Our deputy manager Helen leads the department, bringing her passion and expertise to this developing age range. With growing curiosity, the toddlers have a varied structural set up in which they have free access to their own garden and messy play area. This provides them with an outdoor extension to their indoor activities. By setting up the units to allow autonomous play, each child’s individuality begins to flourish!

A cosy book area with a large selection of story, real life and factual books are accessible at all times of the day. Following the children interests, we equally incorporate music and movement, ICT and activity bags into children’s independent play time. With a fully equipped messy area and the opportunity to cook with the nursery chef, children are able to explore these different areas at their own pace, accessing or joining in with structured activities as and when they choose to do so.

Much like the baby department, the toddlers also experience the world by going for long assisted walks in the fields surrounding the setting. The children take in the sights of the nearby farms, jump in muddy puddles and generally enjoy exploring rural village life.

This is a crucial age for all children; potty training, self-care and self-awareness are all challenges that they face. Whatever the request or challenge, you can be assured that our practitioners will aid your child in the best way they can.

Pre – School Unit

During sessions in the pre-school, children can experience a positive child-led learning environment, which is stimulating, creative and fun. Our ambition is to provide them with the skills to become lifelong independent learners. Not only do we prepare children for school, we promote and encourage their confidence, individuality and help them to explore the world around them.

Our pre-school children are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity, excelling in a range of activities and lessons that are both child and adult led. Our practitioners promote functional narratives in which the children can express their thoughts and views, identifying their personal opinions and approaches before they go to school.

Daisychain promotes diversity in all areas and the pre-school room is no exception. Including the children’s personal beliefs and opinions on wall displays and through group activities, the children learn about different cultures, social experiences and lifestyles.

Each child has a dedicated key person who constantly observes each child during their time at Daisychain. Each child’s individual development plan is then modified to direct the next steps of their learning in the right way.

We utilise our extended and separate art room where children are allowed to free flow from the carpeted cosy area, to a room filled with materials, media and crafts. Children can manipulate materials at their own leisure, creating abstract designs, models and paintings using as many resources as they desire. Using materials from the locally sourced ‘scrap door’, what our children discover in the countryside and donations from parents, we are able to give the children a wide range of materials to experiment with.

To allow the transition between Daisychain and your child’s first school, we promote weekly physical education sessions in which the children can take part in yoga lessons, gymnastics and a variety of different sports. The children enjoy changing into their ‘ PE kit’, helping to develop their independence in preparation for primary school.

Like all departments, the pre-schoolers spend a larger amount of their time outside, exploring different levels and materials. Our pre-school garden area is specially dedicated to the development of this age range and a variety of activities are always available throughout the day.

We promote sensory play and allow the children to build dens, teaching the children to work collaboratively and to engage in open ended activities. Our built in den equally provides a safe environment in which the children can take some time to reflect and experience the sights and feels of a ‘secret’ area

We are offering 30 hours funding to parents that are eligible.