Daisychain Day Nursery


A registration fee is not required for children starting within four weeks, but a £45 non refundable registration fee is required to reserve a place for children starting after this time.


Payments will be monthly in advance on the 28th of each month in order to retain a continuing place. Fees that are not paid in full by this date may incur a surcharge of 10%; this will be added to the following month invoice.

Invoices will be issued at the beginning of each billing period. Standard sessions will be charged at a fixed monthly rate based on the normal attendance of the child. Extra sessions or additional charges will be invoiced in arrears.

Late Collection:

Due to staffing ratios children must be collected on time.  Parents are required to inform the nursery Manager if they intend to collect their child late or a charge of £5.00 per 15 minutes may be incurred.

If we are unable to contact either parent/carer after 10 minutes we will automatically contact other authorised carers that you have provided on your child entry record.  Therefore, please ensure that we are informed of any changes to these details immediately.


One calendar month’s written notice of termination or reduction of sessions will be required.

Once your child is in receipt of the nursery government grant you will be expected to remain at Daisychain until the end of that funded period except for exceptional circumstances such as moving house.



The payment of fees retains the place regardless of attendance whether your child is off for illness or holiday. Fees are not refunded in the case of absence or illness. Nursery days cannot be exchanged or replaced if your child is absent from nursery.

Nursery Closure:

No charge will be made for bank holidays, public holidays or the Christmas period.  Christmas closure will be advised annually.


Daisychain Day Nurseries Ltd reserve the right to administer basic first aid and treatment when necessary. Parents will be informed of all accidents and will be required to sign their child’s accident form. For accidents of a more serious nature involving hospital treatment, all attempts will be made to contact parents, but failing this Daisychain Day Nurseries Ltd are authorised to act on behalf of parents and authorise necessary treatments.

Staff will only administer medicine if prescribed, then only if medicine forms are completed and signed by the parent.

Parents are requested not to send their child to nursery if they are suffering from an infectious disease or if they are not feeling well enough to attend. (Please read our Sickness Policy that is kept in the file in the foyer).


Daisychain Day Nurseries Ltd may require you to withdraw your child from nursery in the event that the Nursery Manager considers your child to be disruptive or displaying inappropriate behaviour.

Safeguarding Children:

As a day carer registered with Ofsted, we are required to follow the child protection procedure. As our first concern is the welfare of your child we will share with you any concerns we may have, however the staff do have a duty to refer to Ofsted any suspicion of child neglect or abuse taking place. For further information, see the Policies folder in the foyer or you may wish to read the ‘Wiltshire area Child Protection committee procedures manual’ which is kept in the office and can also be accessed on line.

Mobile phones and cameras:

It is completely prohibited to use mobile phones or cameras in any way within the nursery.  All phones must be kept in pockets or bags and not taken out at any time.  Phones must not be answered whilst in the nursery.

Policies and Procedures:

All of our policies and procedures are in a file in the foyer.  It is your responsibility to read and keep yourself updated with the information, although we do endeavour to inform you of any major changes via news letters or the wipe board.

Sharing of Information:

We have a legal obligation to disclose financial information about your invoice to HMRC, especially with regards to tax credits.  Please keep all of your invoices as you may be requested to supply these as evidence.


Daisychain Day Nurseries Ltd accept no liability for any pecuniary or loss suffered by you arising directly or indirectly as a result of the nursery being temporarily closed, or the non-admittance of the child to the nursery for any reason. Daisychain Day Nurseries Ltd accepts no responsibility for your child whilst in your care on the nursery premises.

Terms & Conditions