Daisychain Day Nursery


In June 2014 the nursery was inspected by Ofsted.  Daisychain was judged to be ‘outstanding’ for the contribution of the early year’s provision to the well-being of children and ‘good’ for the two other areas which are how well the early year’s provision meets the need of the range of children who attend and the effectiveness of the leadership and management of the early year’s provision. This is very difficult to achieve and very few nurseries are awarded such a high accolade.


Some comments made by the inspector were:

     This is a friendly and welcoming nursery where children experience high levels of care from affectionate and caring        staff.

     Children thrive in a caring and supportive environment created by staff.  Children enjoy close emotional bonds with       staff and their key person who all demonstrate a good understanding of the children’s needs.

      Behaviour in the nursery is exemplary and staff use positive praise with children.  This enhances children’s self        esteem and understanding of boundaries and expectations.

     The quality of teaching is good and staff adapt their planning to suit the needs and interests of individual children.

     The close relationships between the parents and staff has a positive effect on the children’s personal, social and       emotional development.

     Systems to monitor children’s progress are robust.  Regular observations of children demonstrate the progress the       children have made and clearly identify their current stages of development.

     Children enjoy nutritious and well-balanced meals and snacks provided by the nursery kitchen staff.

     Meal times are a social occasion and staff sit with small groups of children who sit together and form good       friendships.

     Children in all rooms enjoy a well organised and stimulating environment that stimulates their confidence and       independence.

     Robust recruitment, vetting and induction procedures ensure all adults working with children are suitable to do so.

     Staff are deployed effectively and the legal ratios are maintained and often exceeded.

     The leadership and management team are good and the senior team demonstrate a commitment, drive and ambition to       promoting continual improvement.

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