Daisychain Day Nursery

Sensory parachute play

  This parachute has lots of surprises, if you squeeze it, it squeaks and rustles and crinkles,it    has rough, smooth and silky areas and has all number of bright coloured and patterned    patches.  We like to crawl under it and over it, we like to see how high the balls bounce on it    when we flap it up and down and the feel of the breeze as it flaps around us.

Melksham Food Bank

   We have been learning that some people don’t have much money to buy food so we have been    collecting some for them.Today Melksham Food Bank came to collect it and are going to give    it to people who need it.

  Each year we collect food for this cause, it is a really good way of helping children learn    about the world in which they live and covering the ‘understanding the world’ area of the    curriculum.