Daisychain Day Nursery

Daisychain day nursery in Whitley opened in May 2006 and is registered under the Children Act of 2006 by Ofsted

The proprietor is Rachel Spanswick who has been a nursery nurse for 26 years and has been in nursery management for 23 of these years.

The nursery is managed by Sarah Radford and she is supported by three senior nursery nurses who manage each child unit.

Daisychain is an informal and homely nursery that works to a structured day. We are situated in a beautiful rural location in the heart of Whitley, near Melksham. The nursery is a very large two storey building with the added benefits of a huge purpose built soft play area, a kitchen and a large car park set away from the road.

“Life is one long chain of events so, give your child the best start........... The best chain........ The Daisychain”

We provide a really healthy, varied menu for all the children at Daisychain whether it be a weaning baby or a hungry pre-schooler.  We worked with a Wiltshire County Council Environmental Dietician who analysed our menu against nutritional standards.  Our menus fared extremely well, we were given a few tips of how to increase iron and zinc levels.  

On our menus you will find meals such as chickpea and vegetable curry, herby pilchard pasta bake and of course the favourite, roast chicken all cooked on the premises by our dedicated nursery cook in our five star rated kitchen.

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