Light Up Light Up, A New Edition at Daisychain

We have recently converted a secluded corner within the pre-school unit into a sensory exploration den, for our babies, toddlers and pre-school. This is a calm and relaxing space providing the children with the opportunity to explore and develop using their senses. We have equipped this cosy area with mood music, ultra violet lamps with UV shapes, balls, animals and dinosaurs, torches, light up beaded rolling tubes and magical colour changing boxes.  The fibre optic fountains are fun to run through your fingers as well as liquid filled mats for even the youngest of children to roll about on whilst enjoying the sights, sounds and smells. All these resources promote the holistic development, with the stimulation from the lights helping our little one’s brains to create strong connections to process and respond to sensory information. 

Whilst a couple of pre school children were in the sensory den they commented on the dark like being in space as they shone torches up above to look for stars. This was an opportunity for child centred planning, we expanded on their idea and introduced our projector pods which project star constellations and images of space on the walls and ceiling of the den; some of the children went on to make their own space rockets and space ships in the art room using recyclable materials, glue, paint, glitter and any other resources they could find. A big discussion took place about what it would be like to go to space. Watch out Tim Peak, Daisychain astronauts are on their way to space.