Daisychain Day Nursery

In April 2005 we first embarked upon the ‘Effective Early Learning’ Project (EEL) which is a Quality Assurance Scheme.

The objective is to look at our policies and procedures and assess the quality of our education and care that we provide.  Each year we:

 Ask parents to complete a questionnaire in which they are encouraged to express their feelings on a range of areas such as safety, menus, activities, staff, the nursery rooms and outside play areas and the general information that they receive.

  Staff observe each other to see how effectively we are involved with the child’s learning, to see if all areas of the foundation stage curriculum are covered effectively and at the same time how we are working with the children.

   Children are tracked during the mornings and afternoons to see how engaged they are with the activities provided, we looked to see how the children are engaged in the morning compared to the afternoon, we also looked to see if there are any differences between the girls and boys during these times .  The indoors and outdoors environment is also assessed in order to see how it helps the children to access and enjoy what they are doing.

With all this information to hand an evaluation report is written which enables us to compile a comprehensive action plan for the following twelve months.  

To maintain the accreditation a yearly report is required to be submitted evaluating and reflecting on how our practice has improved still further over the previous twelve months, at this time any other evidence of improvements made during that time can also be included and another action plan for the next twelve months is put together.

The original evidence that was gathered, the evaluation report and the action plan were then submitted to the EEL head office in Birmingham; a few months later we had a visit from an EEL representative who spent time talking with staff, parents and children and generally checking on some of the evidence that we had submitted.

We are very proud to be able to say that Daisychain has such a prestigious accreditation, very few nurseries in the county have been awarded EEL to date.  The process that was carried out to achieve this accreditation has ensured that best practice is embedded in all practice, policies and procedures carried out within the nursery, therefore ensuring consistent exceptional service.

What is EEL?