Encouraging growth through developmental learning and loving care

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Encouraging Growth Through Developmental Learning and Loving Care

Daisychain is situated in a beautiful rural location of Whitley, near Melksham. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding care for all the children in our setting and have a dedicated team who understand your child’s individual needs. We passionately implement the Early Years and promote learning through play and exploration, providing each child with a loving and safe environment where they can develop at their own pace.

We embrace our local countryside and utilise the children’s enthusiasm for their surroundings. We encourage families to take an active role in the daily life of Daisychain and provide numerous opportunities for you to become a part of the Daisychain community.

Traditional values: we want your child to have laughter and fun, enjoy healthy food and exercise and the learning will follow


We are very lucky to have our own dedicated soft play.

Every child in the nursery has the opportunity to spend time in this room throughout the day.

We provide a huge range of activities to promote physical well-being using the wonderful large soft area; we play with parachutes, make obstacle courses, practice ball control, join in with music and movement and generally enjoy free play with the different soft play equipment.

This is without a doubt the children’s favourite room in the nursery.