Daisychain Day Nursery

Encouraging Growth Through Developmental Learning and Loving Care

The decision on which nursery to choose for your child can seem daunting, it is our hope that we can make this decision easier for you by demonstrating to you our commitment to quality child care.

Parents that look around Daisychain comment on how happy the children are, how friendly the staff welcomed them, how clean the nursery is and how lovely all the units look.

Please come and see for yourself.

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Come and have a look, 97% of parents who look book


‘This is a friendly and welcoming nursery where children experience high levels of care from affectionate and caring staff.’


“Children thrive in the caring and supportive environment created by staff.  Children enjoy close emotional bonds with the staff and their key person who all demonstrate a good understanding of the children’s
I love it at Daisychain
EEL Accreditation
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Traditional values

We want your child to have laughter and fun, enjoy healthy food and exercise and the learning will follow


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Behaviour in the nursery is exemplary and staff use positive praise with children.  This enhances children’s self esteem and understanding of boundaries and expectations.’

Children in all rooms enjoy a well organised and stimulating environment that develops their confidence and independence.’

‘Children enjoy nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks provided by the nursery kitchen staff.’